Custom Insights from Unlimited Data

Vizalytics creates location-specific business intelligence from open and private data for public and private sector clients in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

With specialties in transportation, economic development, and tourism, Vizalytics serves as your data scientist by ingesting, normalizing, and cleaning data from complex information ecosystems, creating custom insights geared to each client’s operation.

We accomplish this with an extensible Knowledge Graph platform that looks continuously across all of a client's disparate data sources, senses relationships among them, and identifies context for users. The Knowledge Graph draws targeted conclusions about circumstances and events and suggests how to react.

The Vizalytics Knowledge Graph frees our customers and their users to go about their business, driven by data but liberated from the need to find and manage it.


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The Vizalytics Knowledge Graph

With continuous access to virtually unlimited stores of open and private data, the Vizalytics Knowledge Graph produces location-specific contextual insights mapped to user intent, at scale. Using dynamic impact and relevance ranking analytics, the Knowledge Graph models a given point, line, or polygon in space and time—a region, a city, a neighborhood, a street, a building—at hyper-local, data-illuminated granularity.

Through targeted analytical lenses, the Knowledge Graph learns from user activity to produce a smarter, increasingly dense and responsive data store, creating original data independent of the original data stream. Natural language generation techniques deliver consumable insights and impact statements that make smart cities brilliant and data-savvy companies data rich.

Vizalytics Software-as-a-Service Solutions

For our business, government, and institutional customers, the problem with data is time and insight, not access. Enterprises struggle with too much disorganized data sequestered in stovepipes, data that’s hard to find and even harder to understand. Vizalytics builds customized, cloud-based solutions that tap continuous streams of open and private data, uncovering context and unlocking data's value in real time. 

Insight Builder Family

The Vizalytics Insight Builder family of contextual insight tools produces location-specific business intelligence, operating across all your data sets to speed decisions on site selection, location performance, use case optimization, development, and future planning. Competitive rankings, feasibility scores, and customer/neighborhood profiling enable cities to drive planning and operations, bankers to assess loan prospects, real estate firms to uncover development opportunities, retail chains to compare branches. Insight Builder tools find the data, do the data science, and put you in position to act. Contact us to learn which Insight Builder tool is right for you:
City Builder—map relationships among all your data sets in real time to manage environmental policy, transit operations and outreach, and land use planning.
Business Builder—assess business performance, real estate prospects, and other site-specific use cases with hyperlocal granularity.

Download City Builder Data SheetRead about Vizalytics Transport Solutions in AustraliaDownload Business Builder Data Sheet

Local Insight & Vizalytics APIs

Local Insight is an enterprise-level dashboard that aggregates information from multiple sources of governmental and public data, generating custom insights for each user. Geared to governments, institutions, and enterprises, the Local Insight mobile-friendly dashboard produces a multi-layered view of conditions, events, and changes within a specified geography. Built either as a free-standing dashboard or integrated into your network via Vizalytics APIs, Local Insight pulls siloed data sets together, multiplying the value of the data for internal use while opening new opportunities to connect with constituencies, audiences, and customers.

Using Vizalytics APIs, we can also integrate other Vizalytics solutions into your infrastructure as your business requires.

Learn more about Local InsightLearn more about Vizalytics APIs

Knowledge Graph Use Cases:

Mind My Business

Vizalytics created a mobile app model for shopkeepers called Mind My Business™, first introduced in New York City, to give business owners integrated access to the public data sets that impact their bottom lines. Mind My Business™ feeds information to users from government and public data sources via customized real-time alerts about construction, traffic, regulatory issues, health and safety, fines, events, and 311 information. The app helps shopkeepers make better decisions, creating opportunities and saving them time and money. We can adapt the app for banking, real estate, and other enterprise applications to augment brick-and-mortar-focused business models.

Knowledge Graph Use Cases:

Neighborhoods Web Sites

A Vizalytics “neighborhoods” website model can be integrated with enterprise or government applications to connect city and neighborhood data to customers and citizens.

Vizalytics partnered with the New York City Mayor's office
of Technology and Innovation to build, a website that draws from the Knowledge Graph to provide traffic, transit, quality of life, health, inspection, event, and other information about each of the more than 300 neighborhoods in the city’s five boroughs. The site is both a resource for residents and a catalyst for community organizing and change.

Read the Mayor's press releaseSee VideoLearn more about Neighborhoods

About Vizalytics

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy crippled communities and affected nearly 100,000 small businesses across New York City. We immediately saw a need to make critical city-wide information easier to access and understand, and decided to build a data ecosystem that puts the most relevant and actionable information in the palms of our users' hands in real time. This led to Mind My Business™ for shopkeepers and development of the Vizalytics Knowledge Graph.

Vizalytics Leadership

Aileen Gemma Smith
Aileen is a content specialist whose entire career has focused on breaking down silos of information and communication.
Chris Smith
Chris is an expert in semantic web technologies, search and enterprise scale architecture. He has more than 25 years experience and has been leading technology at startups since the late '90s.